Inspiring stories from around the world about the challenge of illiteracy and the opportunities that literacy creates. Image taken by Said Tayar Segundo


There are so many stories to tell about the challenge of illiteracy, and even more about the opportunities that literacy creates. Every story brings to life a different facet of this complex issue. We’ve put together a collection from around the world. Some are personal anecdotes. Some are news articles. Some are posts picked up from the web. All are inspiring.

  • Literacy articles

    Read fresh and exciting articles and blog posts about how literacy is changing lives.

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  • Literacy news

    Keep up to date with Project Literacy news and access our media kit to find out more about the work we're doing to tackle illiteracy globally.

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  • Your stories

    Read personal stories about the challenges and opportunities people face when learning to read and write or submit a story of your own experience.

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