What is Project Literacy?

Imagine not being able to fill out a form at the hospital, vote in an election, take the right bus, or send a text message to tell a loved one you’re OK because you aren’t able to read. That’s the reality for one in ten people alive today.

Project Literacy is a global movement that will change all that. It will give everyone - regardless of geography, language, race, class or gender - the opportunity to fulfill their potential through the power of words.

Project Literacy brings together a diverse cross-section of people and organizations from all over the world. Working together, they will help to unlock the potential of individuals, families and communities everywhere with the power of words. Together, as a community of over 100 partners, we’re making significant and sustainable advances in literacy. Our aim is that by 2030 no child will be born at risk of poor literacy.

Project Literacy builds partnerships to improve literacy in three key ways:

1. Advancing best practice
2. Innovating for new solutions
3. Raising awareness and mobilizing action

Advancing best practice. When it comes to improving literacy, we know some things already work and we need more of them. So we actively seek out organizations that have shown they can make a difference with their literacy interventions, helping them to grow and become even more successful.

Innovating for new solutions. The challenges we face are enormous. We need solutions that can be scaled-up and put in place wherever they’re needed. We work with organizations to design, build and test new approaches to solving illiteracy. So that we can make a bigger difference to more people’s lives at an ever faster rate.

Raising awareness and mobilizing action. We’re recruiting a network of people—from all countries, backgrounds and experiences—to help spread the word about the devastating impact illiteracy has on the world. Only by working together will we be able to demand greater attention and investment in delivering solutions that will close the literacy gap.

Get involved

But we need your help, too, even if it’s just reading an article on this site, sharing it with your friends and maybe finding your preferred way to get involved. It’s up to you. It’s up to all of us. Help us make illiteracy a thing of the past.